Sunday, January 2, 2011

GW runs past Howard, wins 85-50: game plan for A-10 season?

It was a close one until the second half, when GW turned it on and blew past the Howard Bison in a very warm Burr Gymnasium. Maybe 150 people were in attendance as GW shot 54.4% from the floor for the game, and 57% in the second half.

Howard kept close until GW shut them down in the second, when they got only 6 baskets. The good guys forced 30 turnovers and got to the line 27 times, though they shot a GW-like 63%.

It kind of seemed like Hobbs got an actual, sensible rotation going, which is good. Starters Smith, Taylor, Bynes, Mikic and Katuka were the only players with more than 20 minutes, and all but Bynes scored in double figures.

Bynes only shot 4 times, which is good considering he's shooting 33% from the floor and has shot more than anybody on the season. He did get 7 assists, so let's hope that continues. Daymon Warren had 16 minutes and grabbed 8 rebounds while everybody who got into the game scored. Here's the box score and recap.

So maybe we have a game plan going into the A-10 season? Dwayne Smith has been more aggressive lately, which is good, and has been scoring in double figures consistently, both driving and taking some outside shots. Tony Taylor is also slashing more, and he's great at that. Nemanja Mikic may be one-dimensional (three pointers) but the team is finding him when he's open. Hopefully those three form the core, with Katuka, Bynes, Guest, and Pellom next most as role players, and maybe Warren if we need more boards.

I've liked what I've seen of Guest as a distributor, and Pellom can rebound and score from close in, while Katuka sometimes plays well, and Bynes can be a good point guard if he doesn't take crazy shots, as he's been doing. It doesn't look like Tim Johnson will get in much.

Then again, Howard is not a good team. We'll see through the rest of the season.

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