Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wow, we won! GW 87-Oregon State 79

I certainly didn't see this coming: GW winning on the road against a BCS team. Sure, not a great BCS team (300+ RPI) but hey, I'm happy.

Tony Taylor had a great game, 19 points and 11 assists, while as predicted by OSU fans, Nemanja Mikic had a big game, scoring 19 as well on 6 threes. Dwayne Smith and Bryan Bynes (who has gotten a lot of crap lately on GWHoops) also scored in double figures.

Sounds like GW played its game, forcing 20 turnovers and frustrating Oregon State's offense. The team finally shot well, hitting 58% in the first half and 54% overall, plus 47% from three, making 11.

I wonder if this is GW turning the corner on the season? Or just a fluke game? Your thoughts?

Here's GWSports on the win, and GWHoopsters wringing their hands.

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