Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So we beat Towson: now what?

GW returned to the strategy of old against Towson: press, trap, force turnovers, get transition buckets. Of course, Towson is a bad team, so they probably could have run the usual Hobbs-wheel or run the triple option and done ok.

But is this the future this season for GW? Can the good guys do this new/old style of play ("GW Basketball" as Hobbs calls it -- he even has a video about it) and win some games? They also need to stop the three, get penetration (which they did against Towson) and find some go-to scorers. A tall order.

And I don't think GW can do that against Oregon State. Your thoughts?


Trevor said...

I don't think it'll happen. But I'll still hope for it.

I've never seen that video before, that is hilarious.

Andrew said...

Who knew?

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