Thursday, October 28, 2010

GW: Best college team in DC

Suck it, UDC Firebirds! We're number 1! 

So says the Express newspaper's Best of 2010, where readers vote for their favorite things in DC. GW won for best college team, thanks in part (I hope) to this humble blog. Got to love the photo they picked too of Hobbs being his crazy old self. 

This is actually pretty cool, considering we beat out much bigger schools like Maryland, Virginia Tech, Virginia (great campus, btw), American, Mason, Catholic, Trinity, Strayer, and that one where the Exorcist guy lived.

Karl Hobbs almost made it a sweep, getting 2nd place in best coach to Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau, but hilariously beating Mike Shanahan.

Hail to the Buff!

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