Monday, August 23, 2010

GWHoops users don't understand how the Internet works

Every few months, a couple of posters on, namely Longing for Oscar and MV, post these long, insider-y screeds purportedly for each other's information. They generally talk about some business stuff or a trip somewhere, with initials in the place of people's names, while name-dropping some sports personalities. For example:
WJiv has gotten others involved including WK, TR and DR and he's also got big corporate sponsors committing time and money including his own company.  Mrs WJ is also working tirelessly to increase awareness and told me that the wife of MB will soon be getting involved. She asked me to send you her very warmest regards as did MT, who I spoke with about the Revis negotiation.
It's completely bizarre. The tone is sort of a professional email, and yet it's on A previous message had something to do with taking a limo around New York and Lebron James. It's almost like they're trying to brag to everybody else on the board that they're bigwigs who rub elbows with famous people. People always ask them what the hell they're doing, and they never respond, other than to say it's not meant for them or something equally stupid:
And, since I am posting again to this all you knuckleheads who think the MV is the only one in our circle this is written for, I say... wake up! There are a more than a handful of others that visit this site (you might call them lurkers) that benefit in a variety of different ways from my postings.

I don't get it. I mean, there's this thing called email.You can even send it to multiple people at once.

Maybe they get some perverse joy from pissing people off/thinking they're cool. And of course, there's always the theory out there that LFO and MV and most trolls on the board are actually the same person. But the weird thing is, sometimes LFO actually has some useful information, so you can't just ban him.

But it's the off-season, so hey, I'm ok with that.

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