Thursday, November 26, 2009

What if the President or First Lady come to the Oregon State game?

There's a rumor on GWHoops that Pres. Obama and/or the First Lady might come to Saturday's Oregon State game, as the OSU coach, Craig Robinson, is Michelle Obama's brother. The Hatchet blogs quote GW types who say he's expressed interest.

That would be great, but what if it happens? Would people need to get there early to go through metal detectors or anything? Anybody attend the games where Pres Clinton was there?

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Jason said...

I went to the game where we beat #1 UMass and Bill & Chelsea were there - I remember security lines and Secret Service agents with dogs. I can't remember if there were metal detectors or not, but they definitely had you file past them one at a time. It significantly added to the amount of time it took to get in.

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