Monday, October 19, 2009

Mike Hall in Milan

Mike Hall from the 2002-2006 seasons (and tri-captain in the 27-3 05-06 season) is currently playing professional basketball in Milan, Italy. While there are those of us would would give everything for that opportunity, it seems as if the realities of professional sports aren't the same as the fantasies of sports fans. Mike posted this on his Facebook page today:

"Im taking it back 10 years to '99 where I could play this game without any politics, contracts, or scouting reports..Taking it back to a kid that would go to every park in Chicago with the "family" & kill everybody & talk sh*t ...while doing it then go to Burger King & pay in all quarters...Im going to find a Burger King in Milan right now then watch my Jordan dvd all night".

I guess that being a pro isn't all that it's cracked up to be, though maybe this is just remembering the old days for him. I guess we all long for a return to simpler times. In any case I know that Colonial fans all over the world wish for the best for our friend Mike Hall.

While we're talking about the "glory days," Danilo "JR" Pinnock is playing in Israel. He's mentioned in the past that he wasn't paid his full salary while he was playing in Italy. It seems as if the "foreign" players in the European leagues don't get treated as we would think that basketball pros would be treated. I haven't heard from JR of late (meaning he hasn't Twittered lately), and I hope that all is well in Israel for him.

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Anonymous said...

Good for Mike, he's a good dude and he is focused so I wish him nothing but the best for the cool

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