Friday, September 4, 2009

This Year's Freshmen: Tim Johnson

Tim “TJ” Johnson is a 6'4” to 6'5”, 180-pound guard from Harvey, IL.

According to ESPN Insider, Johnson has very explosive leaping ability and good length. Johnson uses his quickness to drive past opposing defenders on his way to the rim. He also uses his leaping ability when he gets into the mid-range area of the floor by leaping high enough on his pull-up jumper to see over the out-stretched arms of perimeter defenders for shots. Johnson really excels as an on-ball defender, using his length and quick feet to hound opposing ball-handlers into frustration and fatigue, which ultimately leads to turnovers. He plays with great passion and energy and cheers on his teammates very well.

The bad: He will also hit the 3-point shot, though he needs to improve his consistency from 3-point territory.

To me this is the first recruit who fits in well with Karl Hobbs. He sounds to me, dare I say it, like another JR.

If you check out his Lee Academy year, you can see that he seems to always be part of the game, and perhaps as a good sign, he played with an international group of players. He was considered a leader of the team, and you put everything together, and I think that this might be the diamond in the group of recruits.

Here's the announcement from GW.

Here's a couple YouTube videos of Johnson in a dunk contest and his team playing in a tourney:

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gresan said...

is tim johnson half Filipino?

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