Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Danilo Pinnock playing in Puerto Rico

Thanks to Spanish 9 at GW and Google, it looks like Danilo Pinnock has moved from Argentina to play for the Capitanes of Arecibo in Puerto Rico, after some health issues with his dad. Here's what Google translator has to say:
Fortunately, it seems, is the father of improved U.S.-Panamanian Danilo Pinnock, since it reappeared in the Superior League of Puerto Rico, Sunday, May 17, hired by Captains Arecibo in part in Santurce Cangrejeros.

It is recalled that he left in a banda Liberty in the midst of the semifinals, as claimed, because his father had heart problems.

Now, a question that appears from this situation and the way he is: Freedom of Sunchales given transfer or unlawful Pinnock's playing?
Another article seems to say he was released.

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