Monday, March 9, 2009

Season over.

The game was over before it started: Bonaventure had beaten Charlotte, meaning GW was eliminated from the A-10 tourney for the second year in a row. It was still senior day, so after fortifying ourselves with beer and steaks on the grill, my buddies and I went down there. The game was lackluster, and GW lost. Everyone around me was shocked that Karl Hobbs didn't taken the seniors out before the end of the game so they could get an ovation. But whatever. I'm done with the year, and looking forward to March Madness, even though GW won't be in them.

I'm getting tired of Hobbs' antics, and there are too many to note. The 6-man technical against Dayton, costing the game. The aforementioned lack of a timeout for an ovation. In fact, there's a whole GWHoops thread called "Classless" that pretty much sums it up.

Herve at GWHoops has his season wrapup, implying he's in favor of getting rid of Hobbs. The roundup also does a great job pointing out some of Hobbs' failings.

The Hatchet has an editorial not implying but saying flat out "Fire Hobbs" (despite saying GW made the Sweet 16 two years ago - way to go, Hatchet.) I won't call for him to be fired, but I would not mind seeing him go -- though I'd also like to see most of the athletic department staff go too. Nice people, I'm sure, but I think we can do better. What do you think?

But the blogging isn't done for the year - stay tuned as we follow recruits, whether Hobbs is going (one poster says yes), and more.

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