Friday, August 24, 2007

Pops for England

When I think of basketball, I think of the United Kingdom. Ok, I don't. But England is trying to upgrade their nascent national hoops team before the 2012 Olympics in the UK, and Pops is playing a role in that. British Basketball, which is a merged England-Scotland-Wales team, is getting press all over the UK, from the Beeb to MTV to some other places.

Luol Deng is the big star, as well as a couple other English born cagers, like Kieron Achara from Duquesne, Nick George (from VCU), Joel Freeland, and Eric Boateng, who transferred from Duke to Arizona State and I think was a GW recruit at some point. Pops and some of those above guys won't be on the team for the European championships, but I assume they'll be playing otherwise.

Plus they have pretty snazzy unis. And note Pops' D-League headband.

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