Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mike Hall signs Wiz nonguaranteed contract

Mr. Hall signed a non guaranteed contract with the Wiz a few days ago, meaning they have his rights, but he only gets paid if he makes the team.

So far the Wiz have 13 players under guaranteed contract, with Hall, Brian Chase from Va Tech, and Donnell Taylor coming to training camp. The team has 15 roster spots.

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Thinker said...

The article is incorrect. The Wizards have 14 players under contract - 12 guaranteed + Hall and Taylor.

The 12 that are guaranteed are: Arenas, Butler, Jaimison, Daniels, Songalia, Etan, Haywood, Young, Pecherov, McGuire, Stevenson, and Blatche.

Teams may carry 15 players on the roster -- they don't have to. Because the Wizards are very close to the luxury tax threshhold (they may be over) there is a good chance that they may not carry the full 15 players they are allowed to.

Also Brian Chase and Taylor are both competing for the third string PG spot - they won't both make the team. The team could also add back their third string center from last year Calvin Boothe.

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