Friday, July 6, 2007

GW in the NBA summer leagues

The NBA summer leagues start soon, and some GW players are on various rosters. There are four different leagues, the (main) Summer League in Vegas, the Rocky Moutain Revue in Utah, one in Orlando and the Summer Pro League in Los Angeles. Not all teams play in each league, and the leagues usually feature young players, rookies, and free agents.

Pops Mensah-Bonsu will play for the Mavs' team, Danilo (JR) Pinnock and Mike Hall will play for the Wizards, and Regis Koundjia will play for the Spurs. No sign of Carl Elliott (yet, hopefully.)

That means the leagues I'll be following will be the main Vegas league (semi-updated rosters here), which has all three teams with GW players, and the Rocky Mountain Revue, which has the Mavs.

The teams for the Summer Pro League in LA haven't been announced yet.

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