Thursday, July 12, 2007

Greetings and the Morning Update

Greetings world of colonial hoopers! For reasons I am still trying to fathom, Andrew has invited me to contribute to his blog. As a colonial hoops newcomer, I look forward to continuing in the tradition of brief and broad reporting on as much trivial GW basketball minutiae as humanly reasonable.

GW Morning Update:

Rise and Shine, Colonials Time!

The Hatchet blog has been busy the last two days. Ms. Shapes reports that GW will be travelling to Binghamton for an OOC game next season, for reasons most likely related to Hobbs' former assistant Kevin Broadus.

Press Ad"kvancz": Mr. Alberg reports on a few tidbits, including the signing of Joseph Katuka.

Wizards Summer League. Mike Hall goes for 4/6 last night, including a couple powerful and-1s I caught between cheering the US U-19 Men's team to victory. Danilo drops 2. Box Score

Due to an injury to Darrell Arthur, Damian Hollis gets called up to the U-19 Men's Team competing in Serbia and assisted by coach Hobbs.

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