Monday, July 23, 2007

Drew Wiseman from Georgetown

This is pretty odd. I'm Andrew Wiseman, and Georgetown's sports information assistant is named Drew Wiseman. No relation. Weird. Even weirder, the person who wrote this article mentioning Gtown's Mr. Wiseman is named Lauren Wiseman. No relation (to me at least). So rest assured, if you see Drew Wiseman from Georgetown, I didn't join the other side.

And Georgetown also has somebody on staff whose last name is Huge. That's like a "Who's On First" joke. "What's your last name?" "Huge." "Just tell me it." "It's Huge!" "I don't care how long it is, what is it!?"


r said...

I just got an email from our AD stating that, "The Texas A&M Women's Basketball Team is coming to DC to play George Washington on December 20."

My team v your team. Let's dance, dickweed.

Andrew said...

I'll be there with my heckling shoes on. I better find some UT websites for good stuff to say.

You can get college basketball tickets here.