Thursday, June 7, 2007

Spotting Colonials: Pops, Mike, somebody else at McFadden's

A Colonial Hoops operative was spending some quality time at McFadden's on Penn and 24th a few days ago, enjoying the $1 Natty Light cans, and none other than Pops Mensah-Bonsu, Mike Hall, and a "really tall white guy" walk in. The operative said it wasn't Dirk Nowitzki (who has been known to spend time at random bars, but unfortunately I can't find the original blogger). He also said it wasn't somebody on the Mavs roster, so let the speculation commence.

UPDATE: poster BM speculates that it might have been recruit Filip Toncinic, who is 22 years old and thus allowed to go to bars, even crummy ones like McFadden's.

UPDATE 2: When asked if the photo of Toncinic resembled the guy at McFadden's, the source said "Very possibly. It's so close that I'm not able to definitely say no."

other sources say it wasn't Filip. So who knows!

another GWHoops poster who says he was there says the mystery tall guy was Rock Battistoni, a former player. Makes sense.

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