Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Want a generic GW uniform?

It's been a slow week for GW - no word from Cem Dinc or whether Joseph Katuka has signed or who the mystery transfer may be. But somebody posted this at - a weird generic GW uniform. It doesn't resemble GW's actual uniforms, in fact I don't think they even wore buff this season.

But it's good that GW stuff is showing up more places. I found a shirt at Modell's, and folks at GWhoops report seeing GW merchandise at the CVS on M Street and the Champs in Tyson's Corners.

I actually think these look pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

The Colonials did wear the Buff unis several times this season, including at Atlantic City.

Andrew said...

Did they? I can only find pictures of them in white in AC:

Anonymous said...

They wore buff for the Xavier game too.

Cory said...

The shorts are alright, but the jersey definately reminds me of something I saw on Power Rangers 15 years ago. Yikes.

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