Monday, May 14, 2007

Hanging with Little George

I read the other day on that Little George was sent by the spirit program to a meeting with incoming university president Steven Knapp. At the meeting he presented Knapp with a GW jersey with his name on it. And the other day I actually met the mascot at a party.

The mascot, whose identity I won't reveal, said the jersey presentation was part of a larger meeting in Baltimore and that Knapp seemed to like the present. I hope this bodes well for the basketball program and I hope that Knapp supports the program as much as Stephen Joel Trachtenberg did. Since Knapp is from Johns Hopkins, which is a good academic school with a good lacrosse team, I'd bet that he continues to support the team and athletics in general.

I also asked the mascot about the rumors that the Hippo was going to be discontinued, since I didn't see the Hippo at any men's games this year and SJT, the progenitor of the Hippo, was leaving. Lil George said the Hippo went to women's games because a lot of kids go to those and the Hippo appeals mainly to kids. I thought that was interesting.


Anonymous said...

"Colonial/George forever, hippo never." Please just let the hippo end with SJT's presidency.

Andrew said...

Yeah, the Hippo is pretty lame. Just don't keep erasing it from Wikipedia! :)

Anonymous said...

How about you agreeing to just let it die, please!!! Wiki should be the realm of more people than just you. Be a good Colonial.

Andrew said...

I don't buy your argument, but at least we can agree on the Hippo being lame. And Xavier.

Stingily said...

I'd rather the hippo than big George. Why can't we get an actual Colonial, looking like he's going to kick some redcoat ass, rather than some 8 foot characture of our first president.

Andrew said...

That's a good point. I would like a student dressed as a colonial and/or a foam mascot of some kind, something like the Vanderbilt Commodore
This would make a good post. Stay tuned.

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