GW is selling customizable jerseys! Here are some ideas

Good news! GW and a company called Kampus Klothes are selling customizable GW basketball jerseys. I'm glad, it's been several years since you could buy a jersey. The deadline to buy them is December 21st, so move quickly!

The jerseys are customizable, so you can put your name or some other name on there, but there is a caveat: you can't use any current or former players' names, due to licensing and such. 

I tried just "Yuta" with number 12, to see if maybe just a first name was OK, but they refunded my order. 
So here are a few other ideas from us at Colonial Hoops.
  • George, #21 or #76
    • A classic, with 1821 for GW's founding or 1776
  • Revolutionary or Revs, #76
  • Other famous revolutionaries with related years, like when they started their struggle, or won in some cases
    • Guevara #53 or #59, Zapata, Castro, Lumumba, Robespierre #93, L'Ouverture #91, etc.
  • GW dorms, like New Hall, Ivory Tower, Thurston with numbers like the streets 
    • New Hall #23, Thurston #19, etc.
  • Smith, #22 or #23
    • For our beloved Smith Center and the streets it's on
  • Whale Killer, #21
    • After Pops Mensah-Bonsu (I am guessing nicknames are OK)
  • Auerbach, #40 or #2
    • Red Auerbach, GW alum and Hall of Fame coach. He graduated from GW in 1940 and had the number 2 jersey retired by the Celtics (in honor of him being the 2nd most important coach after the team's founder)
  • Lindys, #00 (or any number)
    • The great former campus bar, Lindy's Red Lion at 20th and I
Those are just a few ideas. What do you have in mind? 


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