Let's go Revs! GW drops Colonials in favor of Revolutionaries nickname

Hopefully, at long last, the "moniker" saga is over: GW has decided on a nickname and it's Revolutionaries, or Revs for short.

The school narrowed down the options replace Colonials to four: Blue Fog, Ambassadors, Sentinels, and Revolutionaries. In my opinion, Revolutionaries is the best of the bunch. I also saw tons of people on Twitter and elsewhere who were super unhappy with Blue Fog, it seemed to be a very polarizing name. I've seen some dislike for Revolutionaries, but it seems like a lot less than the other options, and in general, the response has been positive. 

Sentinels is kind of a weird one as it's a low ranking position compared to George Washington, who was the commander in chief. Ambassadors is a little bit more on the nose, but still not exactly what George was, though the school does have a lot of connections to foreign policy. Personally, I liked just Fog without the Blue, but that wasn't an option.

Of course, there's the broader issue if GW should have changed the name in the first place and drop Colonials, but that's kind of already decided, a fait accompli.

I do like the name -- it's distinctive and also talks about what GW wants to be: a place where you can make a big difference, have revolutionary ideas and things like that.

And now GW has the funny distinction of being the most syllables of any Division 1 team name. Suck it, Coastal Carolina Chanticleers! We're number one, baby!

I wonder if GW is going to sell the old gear like jerseys and signs and things like that. I would definitely buy some.

And in case anyone is wondering, I'm going to keep the blog name as Colonial Hoops. It's a throwback now!


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