GW accepting suggestions for new mascot, releases principles for the the "moniker", no Hippos

The university sent out a press release today about the search for the replacement for the Colonials mascot, or as GW loves to call it, the "moniker." We wrote about this before (and added some name ideas) and, and this press release include some news: GW won't consider Hippos or any variations of that. 

The release also talked about the guiding principles for what the name should be:
  • Shaping the Future: This will honor GW’s long history developing students into leaders, doers and thinkers.
  • Free to Be Bold: This will symbolize the university’s trailblazing spirit.
  • At the Center of Power: This will reflect the energy and drive that brings the GW community to Washington, D.C., to be changemakers on the world stage.
You know, a bit corny, but not too bad.

GW is also accepting suggestions for the name until January 31.

Personally I think it's good news they aren't considering Hippos or related variations, I didn't like it and I heard from a lot of alumni who didn't either. GW did included an interesting bit about the name:
In releasing the guiding principles, the university also shared that “Hippos,” or variations of it, will not be considered in the moniker selection process. As a moniker, it would not align with the guiding principles and received negative feedback during engagement events from various members of the community, including student-athletes who are closely identified with the moniker in competition. The hippo and statue on campus will remain an important part of the university’s traditions.
Makes sense! I can see how athletes wouldn't want to be call the Hippos. 

I did see  mixed reactions online and a fair amount of people were disappointed they wouldn't pick Hippos. Ryan Puleo also made an interesting point about that on Twitter:
90% of people who wanted the mascot to be "hippo" have never been to a GW sports game
Probably fair. 

I was OK with River Horses, which sounds kind of cool. However, I prefer something like Revolutionaries. 

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