This Week in Mayhem: Puleo takes on GW over URI, Mason loss, Jalen Crutcher vs SLU

By Ryan Puleo

Mayhem Makes a Triumphant Return

Sunday the 21st of February was quite possibly the most important day of this wild college basketball season. GW came off a 35-day pause to defeat a quality Rhode Island team with a star in Fatts Russel. The duo of James Bishop and Jamison Battle (JB2) combined for an impressive 54 of the team’s 78 points. Despite concerns by the obviously unqualified NBCSN commentators about GW’s conditioning after such a long break, the team went on a 15-2 run to end the game and seal the victory. It sure looked like the team had no conditioning problems. The team also played with only 7 scholarship players due to the absence of players such as Chase Parr and Matthew Moyer, which made the NBC crew look even more uninformed.


Revolutionary Rivalry Loss

GW looked to continue our strong return to play with a victory over George Mason, but things did not turn out as we hoped. Despite an incredibly strong first half and entering the half up 13 points, George Mason found a way to come back and win the game by 5. The powers of my tricorn hat were not enough to keep the Patriots at bay. Notable in this game was Battle not scoring any points in the second half, which is a surprise for a player as hot as him, but no one could keep that level of play up forever. A bright spot I noticed for the game was Ricky Lindo Jr. who was impressive in the paint and dominated in the first half. Overall there is a lot to take from the game, both good and bad, and the team is no doubt better off because of it. GW has a lot of positives to take in the final stretch of the season and will be a challenge for any time they might face in the tournament.


Jalen Crutcher is SLU’s New Coach

After yet another dominant performance against a drastically underperforming Saint Louis “team”, Dayton's Jalen Crutcher has all but earned himself the title of honorary coach of SLU. With 19 points in their second meeting of the season, Mr. Crutcher put on yet another clinical display against the Billikens. His ability to expose the glaring weaknesses in SLU’s defense that Travis Ford somehow missed is a truly amazing thing and should serve as a guide for coaches such as Travis. SLU fell to 4-4 in the conference with that loss and is still underperforming this season. The Billikens close out the season with games against Richmond and UMass. They are large underdogs in both of these games, in my professional opinion.