This Week in Mayhem from Ryan Puleo: SLU, La Salle and UMass

by Ryan Puleo


GW Wins Mayhem Cup by Transitive Property

Dayton’s surprise loss to Duquesne has granted GW an honorary win over Saint Louis this season. GW beat the Dukes, who beat Dayton, who then beat SLU, which means that the Colonials technically beat the Billikens. This really says a lot about the work Coach Christian has put in to grow this program. Hopefully, next year we will be able to realize this win, but for now, this will have to do. SLU is undoubtedly ashamed of this situation and is yet to congratulate the program on this tremendous victory. This rude and unprofessional behavior will no doubt be remembered by the Colonials, and we will ultimately hand SLU a rightful beatdown either in this year’s A-10 tournament or next year when they are no longer able to dodge the game with GW.


UMass in Pause Again Because of Those Meddling Kids

The Minutemen received some unfortunate news this past week when the basketball and hockey team were shut down for at least 2 weeks as COVID-19 risk on campus was elevated to “high”. The reason for this change in level is attributed to off-campus parties at local fraternity houses. While people from New England must be in love with Tom Brady, gathering to watch him win a boring championship with another team is not a good reason to throw a party. Especially because Brady has no mayhem (This reporter also has evidence that Brady could be a fan of SLU.) This is really unfortunate news for a UMass team that was showing great promise and especially for Tre Mitchel, who has been tearing it up in his sophomore year. The Minutemen were on a 2 game win streak with their last victory coming over URI. UMass is 6-2 in conference play this year and could make some waves if Amherst kids stop throwing parties to watch their god-emperor Tom Brady.


Is La Salle Good?

The Explorers have acted much like a Robinhood this year: Wins over teams that are typically competitive in the top tier of the conference but then losses to lesser teams. Dayton and Richmond have suffered losses to La Salle, but then teams such as Fordham have been able to snag wins off of the Explorers. The one game that was no surprise was La Salle’s dominant performance over SLU. The Billikens further cemented themselves as pillow fighters with a poor showing in Philly. While some may have thought SLU was actually playing in local Philadelphia high school based on the appearance of the arena, they were actually playing at the infamous Tom Gola Arena. This is one area where La Salle most certainly needs to improve. La Salle fell to the Bonnies on Tuesday, which makes this team even more confusing than it already was. Conclusion: La Salle is not good.