Early season recap: some good, some bad

Hello GW fans! The first nine games of the Jamion Christian are behind us, and the good guys are 4-5. Not half bad for a brand new coach.

Here's a quick recap of what's been good so far, and what's not. Let me know in the comments what else you think.


  • Positive press -- I've seen a decent amount of articles and blog posts about the team and especially Jamion Christian; see here and here, for example. Nice to see that after some quiet years. People see optimistic in the media. The recent BU buzzer beater also merited short articles from major publications.
  • The record -- Can't complain about 4-5 so far this season, even if some of the losses have not been great
  • Arnaldo Toro -- he is playing like a beast: 10.2 points and 10.4 rebounds a game, including 20 pts and 24 boards against American, which also set a GW record with 13 offensive boards. The stats were even higher until he had a game with foul trouble.
  • The young guys -- Jameer Nelson Jr and Jamison Battle are both scoring in double figures, and almost everybody has looked good in flashes 
  • Armel Potter -- 14 points per game
  • 3 pt defense -- holding opponents to .256 against
  • Beating Evansville -- if you use the transitive property, Evansville beat Kentucky, and GW beat Evansville, so...
  • Bad losses -- Towson, Morgan State, American -- woof
  • RPI -- 316 currently
  • Toro's injury -- it was a big loss for the games he was gone
  • Justin Mazzulla transferring -- he seems like a good player, but wasn't getting much time. Hopefully it just wasn't a fit with Christian's system
  • The season start -- the good guys four of the first five to low level teams
  • Field goal defines -- opponents are shooting .430 vs .408 for GW