The Smith Center Jumbotron fell onto the court during maintenance; luckily only 8 feet and no one hurt

Well, you don't see this every day. The Smith Center's big Jumbotron is currently sitting on the court. A few unverified tweets said it "collapsed," but the actual story was a bit less dramatic. 

It was down for maintenance, and while they were winching it back up into place, it fell about from eight feet up. Not ideal of course, and it's not like you can pop by the hardware store or the Marvin Center convenience store for Jumbotron parts, but not the end of the world.
I hope the court is ok.

The university's official twitter account posted this:
The scoreboard was undergoing maintenance today and dropped unexpectedly from its lowered position just above the floor. Nobody was injured (thankfully) and the scene is being assessed for any damage.
The story caught on pretty big, Sports Illustrated, Keith Olbermann and others tweeted about it. Any news is good news, right?

Photos via @gwtv