See GW players this summer: 10 Colonials in the Kenner Summer League

If you need your hoops fix soon, or just want to see some of the new guys in action, you're in luck -- there are 10 Colonials playing in the Kenner League, a summer exhibition league that takes place at Georgetown's McDonough Gymnasium (i.e. where the Hoyas should play.)

GWSports has the news and which players are on which team. The league is usually fairly disorganized but this year they have a full schedule posted, which is nice. The games are underway and run until July 30.

I've been before, the games are pretty fun. Here's who is playing for GW:

2017 Nike Pro City Jabbo Kenner Summer League - GW Assignments

Darren McClinton All-Stars: Armel Potter and Justin Williams

Ballaholics University: D.J. Williams and Javier Langarica

Clydes: Jair Bolden and Terry Nolan Jr.

Higher Level: Maceo Jack and Justin Mazzulla

On Point: Yuta Watanabe and Arnaldo Toro