What we can do as fans: go to games or donate money. So let's do it.

I posted this on GWHoops.com but thought it would be good to post it here.

A lot of GW fans seem to be panicking. GW lost tough ones to St. Joe's and St. Bonaventure, which aren't great for the team's tourney hopes; while at the same time, those teams have a combined 36 wins, so they weren't exactly bad losses.

I wasn't happy about those losses, but pretty pleased with the VCU win. So what can we do, other than freak out?

Two things that I can think of. Go to games (and bring friends) and donate money. That's it. I don't think Mike Lonergan is whiling away his days wondering if he can glean any brilliant strategy from posters GWHoops.com. I don't think the players are coming figure out what they can do better. I don't think the selection committee is logging on, either.

So if that's all we can do as GW fans, then dammit, let's do it. If you're able, go to games, be loud!, and bring friends. Make it a tough place for opposing teams to play, and an energizing place for the home team and our fans. And if you are able, donate some dough.

Otherwise we are just complaining and going nuts for no good reason.


Anonymous said…
We should do both, give money and go to games - I do! Raise High!
Andrew W said…
I think that's the ideal! Thanks for doing both. Bring friends!