Ugh: GW spanked in ugly loss to St. Joe's

 I needed more beers for this one

This was one of those games that makes you ask existential questions: why does this happen? Why do we like GW basketball? Is it even worth it? The answer to the last question is of course yes, but it still was not a lot of fun.

At least the game makes analysis easy: the good guys never had the lead, getting it as close as three to get our hopes up before the Hawks went on a soul-crushing 17-3 run. The Colonials were out-everythinged: outshot, outhustled, outcoached, outdefensed, outbenched, outlayuped, out-any other basketball word you can think of. At least we all got out of the Smith Center by 8:45 pm.

The students who sit under the basket seemed to know what was going to happen: they were all dressed in black and acted like they were at a funeral most of the game.

I brought my friend, a Maryland alum. He got to see a crummy, sloppy game with an angry friend. At least he liked the stadium.

GW, now 7-4 in conference, faces 8-3 St. Bonaventure Saturday in Olean.