Interview: Coach Lonergan thrown out of daughter's basketball game (for a pretty good reason)

This is kind of funny, but also kind of sweet: the Post reports that Coach Mike Lonergan was thrown out of his daughter's basketball after he (rightly) argued that she didn't have five fouls.

Talking to Lonergan's friends the Sports Junkies on 106.7 FM, he told the story when asked if he was kicked out of the game:
“That could be a little exaggerated. I rush over to St. John’s to catch the Seton JV game. Middle of the third quarter, my daughter — they’re down like four — so start of the fourth quarter, she gets a foul called, and the scorer’s table hits the horn and says she’s got five fouls. So my wife she’s sitting … near me in the bleachers, I said ‘she doesn’t have five fouls.’ She said ‘no way she has five.’ So my daughter goes to the bench, bawling, she’s crying, so I look over, I say ‘Hey, do you have five?’ She said ‘No.’ So, I thought I was discreet, I waited till the next timeout, and I went over to the scorer’s table and I asked the little young lady that was sitting there, from St. John’s, I said ‘Hey, how many fouls does No. 13 have?’ She said ‘Well, I only had her for four.’ So some middle-aged loser at the scorer’s table starts yelling at me, asking me who I am. I said, ‘I’m nobody. I’m just, my daughter’s down there crying, I know she doesn’t have five fouls and I’m just curious why, you know, you got her for five. And then he called over a policeman — who I knew, I used to play basketball with [him] — so I just went into the hallway and talked with him, and then I just said ‘Well I better get out of here.’ So that was a little embarrassing, to say the least.”
One of the hosts asked, “So they never corrected it?” 

“No! And so, I don’t think my daughter knows I got thrown out, ’cause it was pretty, kinda quietly done. I went and sat down, and the cop came over and said, ‘Hey, they want you to leave.’ I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me? Alright.’ My wife didn’t even say anything to me, so I don’t know how the heck you could know. I think maybe I had a Nike shirt on, and since they’re owned by Under Armour over there, maybe they got upset with that.”
The full audio is below, which goes on a bit longer. It sounds like coach was pretty chill about it and admitted he shouldn't have gotten up, but was sure she only had four.

They also talk about Garino's great play, Yuta Watanabe's play, the then-upcoming St. Joe's game :( and more. He also says that he doesn't talk about the bubble with the team so as not to put extra pressure on them.

It's a pretty interesting interview, and funny too. Mike Lonergan interview with the Sports Junkies


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