Today in random GW eBay finds: awesome Elena Vishniakova jersey

I'm going to start posting the random and cool GW things I find on eBay, and the first installment is this pretty awesome buff Elena Vishniakova #22 jersey.

A forward transfer from Russia via the University of Georgia, Vishniakova averaged double figures in points for her two years at GW (2000-2002) on those great teams with guards Cathy Joens and Erica Lawrence and forward Ugo Oha's freshman year. GW was 43-19 those two years and made the NCAA tourney once, along with the NIT. Here's her somewhat out of date bio from GW.

The jersey looks pretty great too, it's buff with Vishniakova's name on the back, and right now is $34.95. Not a bad deal for a cool old jersey.