Whoa, is Woodrow Wilson the Nats' new racing President? (Update: Nope)

Update: I'm told this guy wear the head at local races to promote a Woodrow Wilson Bridge race. Too bad, it would be awesome if the Nats added Wilson. It's a cool head, anyway. Now back to your regular off-season GW stuff.

First off, my apologies for non-GW basketball related stuff, but this was pretty cool (and it's a president, so that sort of counts?)

My friend tagged me on an Instagram photo by Pacers, a DC running store, of what looks like a Woodrow Wilson Nationals racing president running on a track.

The style and size of the head looks similar to the others, but the runner is only wearing the head, so maybe the Nats are testing out a new one to see how it works? If you recall, folks who ran complained about the Teddy head being exceedingly difficult to run in, which is why Teddy always lost (until they rigged it.)

Here's the link to the picture on Instagram. It's not clear where it is (and of course, could just be some other random racing president, but I find that hard to believe.)


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