Maurice Creek gets the New York Times treatment!

UGA vs GWU 1/3/14 If you're like me, you can't get enough media coverage of GW -- especially this year. And the good guys are blessed with some great stories, like that of Maurice Creek.

As you probably know, Creek was one of the most electrifying freshman in the country with Indiana in 2009, scoring 31 points against Kentucky. But then the injury bug got him -- three injuries in three years cut short his seasons, and when he returned, he was down the depth chart. He transferred to GW, and awesome stuff has happened since.

And now the New York Times has an article about Creek, talking about his earlier connection with GW coach Mike Lonergan, who saw him as a high school player but figured he wouldn't have a chance to coach him because Creek was too highly-rated.

Funny how things work out, and I'm thrilled to have had Maurice this season. He's playing great and it's a great story (and that's not even counting the buzzer-beater to defeat Maryland.)

This is the latest in a series of big articles about Creek, who's also been featured in the Post, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, the Indianapolis Star and a lot more.

Photo by Michael Smith - MLS Photography