GW's media day is Oct. 22 and you can ask questions via Twitter! #GWMediaDay

Tomorrow is GW's media day, and you can be involved! Aside from just watching (and it'll be streamed live) you can ask questions of the players and coaches via Twitter.

Here's more from GW, posted on the message board.

It'll be from 1:30-2:10pm, so get your questions in before then.
Tomorrow is GW Media Day and we're trying a new social media initiative.  
We're encouraging people to ask questions via social media to @GW_MBB and @GW_WBB on twitter using the hashtag #GWMediaDay. 

Anything goes (even goofy questions within reason) and we'd love to get some interaction from you all.  The players will answer the questions on live stream tomorrow at the event.

Press Release:


The press release adds that both Coach Lonergan and Tsipis will be there, plus men's players Patricio Garino, Kethan Savage, Joe McDonald, Kevin Larsen, John Kopriva, Maurice Creek and Isaiah Armwood. For the women, it's Brooke Wilson, Chakecia Miller, Jonquel Jones, Megan Nipe and Danni Jackson.

It's a pretty cool opportunity to ask some good (or ridiculous) questions! And kudos to GW for setting it up.