100 days to tip-off, 100 great players: cool promotion from GW

The other day I mentioned GW's great video on the 100th season, but neglected to mention something awesome: they're doing a daily promotion for the countdown to the upcoming season, featuring 100 players who made a mark on the program, one player a day.

It's an interesting way to learn about some of the players from the past, and remember some of the recent stars. Regis Koundjia, the super-athletic forward on the 2005-2007 teams, was #91. Today's is Edsel Gustafson, who played in the 1940s and helped GW beat Duke in the 1943 Southern Conference championship game. (Also, only 81 days til tip off! Get your tix!)

Check it out, and let us know if you have any memories of these former stars, or who you hope to see next.