New t-shirts: 1997-98 with Shawnta, Koul, Yegor, Mike and Pat

Do you like GW basketball? Do you like Shawnta Rogers, Alexander (Sasha) Koul, Yegor Mescheriakov, Mike King and Patrick Ngongba? The answer should be yes!

And then you're in luck, as I put together a new t-shirt, the 1997-1998 Legacy tee with their names in the style of Experimental Jetset's Beatles tee. (I based it on who started the most games, sorry Antxon Iturbe.)

You can buy them on the Colonial Hoops shop, as well as the 2006-2007 shirt with Pops, Mike, Carl, Omar and JR. For the low (ish) price of $14.50 and sizes from S to XXL are available.

You can see what they look like on a person here:


Ed Harrison said…
What about going older school -- Yinka&Sonni&Bill&Dirkk&Alvin

Andrew W said…
Yup, I have many plans for the shirts! going to roll them out steadily.