Video: Yinka and GW vs Michigan's Fab Five, 1993 Sweet 16

This is pretty awesome: it's GW's 1993 squad versus Michigan's Fab Five team in the Sweet 16. GW featured GW Athletic Hall-of-Famer and future NBA player (and all-time leader in most games without an assist) Yinka Dare.

Michigan won this game, and went on to the title game that year, with their run being derailed only when Chris Webber called a timeout when the team didn't have one, resulting in a technical. Of course, Michigan later vacated all of the seasons with the Fab Five because a booster paid them to play. Unfortunately, GW didn't get the Elite 8 banner in their place.

Despite Michigan shutting down Dare, it was a good game right to the end, and almost an epic upset for coach Mike Jarvis.

Other GW starters from that year were Nimbo Hammonds, Sonni Holland (also in the GW HOF), Alvin Pearsall and Dirkk Surles. The Hatchet called that team GW's best sports team of all time.

Anyway, a nice reminder of some good GW players from past.