GW trounces Bowie State: Some thoughts

So GW gave Bowie State a beatdown in Coach Mike Lonergan's first game, and Lasan Kromah's first since 2010. Kromah led all scorers with 23 and GW had a comfortable lead for most of the game. The first half was fantastic for GW, while in the second the team played sloppier. That said, the good guys had 18 steals and Bowie State had 31 turnovers. Here's the GW article and box score, and below are some random thoughts:
  • Lasan is back. He played great, making some nice cutting moves and also dished out 6 assists
  • Freshman John "High School QB" Kopriva started and looked pretty good, scoring 9. Only 2 boards, however.
  • Tony Taylor was Tony Taylor. Played well. This is going to be a nasty backcourt.
  • That said, Dan Guest was not very good. The team sputtered after Tony Taylor fouled out. when Taylor was out. Guest had 0 assists.
  • Freshman Jonathan Davis played but didn't make much of an impact.
  • Mikic had a bad shooting game (2/11) but did lead the team with 7 boards
  • Which leads us to GW's frontcourt: it was bad. Jabari Edwards had some extremely painful sequences on offense and didn't look too swift on defense or the boards. His hands were very boulder-like, balls bouncing off them in every way.
  • The rest of the frontcourt was pretty nonexistent. Going to have to be a lot of team rebounding this year.
  • Dwayne Smith was out with concussion-related symptoms. Hopefully his return will help.
  • Foul shooting was Hobbs-esque: 21/37
  • Bryan Bynes played well and seems to be the defensive stopper.
  • David Pellom was fairly quiet.
  • There are 9 guy cheerleaders and 10 girls. What's up with that.
  • There's a new GW Athletics Hall of Fame section. More on that later.
  • Colonial Army had a good turnout. They didn't do the "ohhhhh, sit down" finger twirl thing when an opposing player fouled out.
  • Lonergan had a meeting/presser type thing after the game with season ticket holders. I couldn't go, but sounded cool.
  • They have Domino's Pizza in the snack bar now. The pretzels are still bad.
  • They replaced the hot babe behind the bench with a little kid and another dude. Downgrade
  • And finally, there's a GW Tailgate before the first official game on Friday. Go there!! 
UPDATE: Forgot to mention, my buddy recognized a bunch of recruits at the game too: Ishmail Wainwright and Kevin Larsen. Kethan Savage was there too, a verbal commitment. 


Anonymous said…
Tony didn't foul out. He finished the game with four fouls.
Andrew W said…
You're right. I thought somebody for GW fouled out. Guess not.
Aston Party said…
Bowie State Knives? A little too soon...
Andrew W said…
Oh, man. I was not aware of that. I meant because of Bowie knives.