Wanna buy a GW Fathead?

Are you familiar with Fatheads? They're the big "wall graphics" -- sticker type things of sports teams and other stuff that you can stick on your wall: a giant football helmet, team logo, athlete, etc. They're actually kind a cool idea for a dudes' room or sports room or something (I refuse to use the term Man Cave.) Could be good for a dorm or frat house too.

And there are now GW ones available! This is pretty awesome. Along with the GW logo, you also get a couple smaller logos, including one that says Colonials and one of George's face. I would like to request a life size (5'4") Shawnta Rogers for next time. Would be a nice way to measure the kids -- little Billy is up to Shawnta's waist!

Kudos to GW for getting this on the site. I'd buy some if I had a wall for it.