GW is taking over Columbia Heights -- sort of

Lots of GW stuff for sale at Target
GW stuff at Bed Bath and Beyond

This is nice to see. The other day I was shopping at the DCUSA shopping center in Columbia Heights, DC, at 14th and Irving. Target had a big selection of GW stuff in their back to school section, including t-shirts, kids' shirts, baby clothes, and even cheerleader outfits for little girls. It seemed like there was more GW stuff than any other colleges there.

 Then across the hall in Bed Bath and Beyond I saw this GW mug on a display of sports team mugs.

Good to see this stuff. Let's hope it sells well -- and if you live in the neighborhood, go pick something up!

As Yogurt would say in Spaceballs, moichandising!


Sean Rose said…
This is awesome. Buy the shirt!
Unknown said…
I though Columbia Heghts was in Maryland?
Andrew W said…
Nay. There's a Columbia, MD but that's different

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