Great article on Yegor Mescheriakov at GW Today

There's a great article at GW Today about Yegor Mescheriakov, a small forward from Belarus and one of the stars of those great late 90s teams (#55 to Shawnta Rogers' #54).

Yegor got his undergrad degree between his junior and senior years, played overseas successfully, and is now back getting his masters. He also runs a basketball camp for kids (Belarus champs two years in a row) and sounds like he's doing well for himself. He's deciding whether to continue in pro ball or work in sports. Nice to see him doing well, and I'm glad GW is writing these kind of articles.

Yegor also writes a blog about European basketball, with a lot of tips on how to make it overseas as a player and his memories from throughout his career. Good stuff.

And something hilarious in the article is that class of '96 GW player (and 7 footer) Andrei Sviridov is apparently a pretty successful actor, in among other things, and a Russian sitcom called University. Awesome. Here's his website, lots of photos, and his IMDB page.

Hat tip to GWHoopsters for finding it.