Where are they now? The great 2005-2006 team

Pretty cool article from the Colonial Cable, the GW alumni newsletter, which has a where are they now feature for the 2005-2006 men's team. That team had a fantastic season, going 27-3 and undefeated in the A-10, rising as high as #6 in the AP poll and making the 2nd round of the NCAA tourney (getting shafted by facing Duke in North Carolina in that round, in one of the worst-officiated games I've ever seen).

Most of the players from that team are still playing ball, overseas or in the NBDL, or in Pops' case, in the NBA. The Ukraine Train (Alex Kireev, now called Kireyev) lives in the DC area, as does Dior Toney and Dominic Green. Regis Koundjia played for the Central African Republic national team, which is pretty cool, and Montrell McDonald popped up to play for Arkansas, briefly. 

The school is also hosting a men's and women's basketball reunion Feb 25-27, which is pretty cool.