Navy recap: GW torpedoed by inability to make short shots and defend threes

Stephen Decatur burning enemy frigates in Tripoli. That, or GW's offense.
Well, that was not very much fun. At the BB&T, GW played the role of the Spanish navy in the Spanish-American War, and it did not end very well. 

As has been noted previously, GW has some major deficiencies: namely the lack of anyone who wants to score, the inability to defend the three-pointer, an offense that mostly involves passing it around the perimeter, and the stunning ability to miss short shots. We're talking lay-ups and shots from two feet away. They missed so many. 

This game really should have been a blowout, but Navy, which shot 45.5%, also missed a lot of open shots and easy drives. If they could finish, they would have shot 60% easy and this game would have been even uglier.

GW shot 31% for the game. This is the second game in a row that GW shot 31%. That is really terrible. GW actually did better when the team stopped shooting and tried to draw fouls, then pressed-and-trapped on defense. Hopefully the Colonials do more pressing and trapping going forward, since that seemed like the only time GW got any stops and any momentum and wasn't dead in the water (another naval reference for you).

There really were no bright spots from the game, except we got to do lots of naval heckling: "Nimitz was overrated." "The Coast Guard is better." "Remember the Maine." And so on.

The Navy mascot. What?
Plus we figured out that Navy are called the Midshipmen. But that's what they are, it's not really a team name. It'd be like calling GW the College Students instead of the Colonials. Kind of dumb. 

And speaking of dumb: the Navy mascot is a ram. Not an admiral or a sailor or a battleship. I have never seen a ram on a boat.


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