That sucked. GW 69-UNCW 73

GW is bad at three things: scoring inside, defending the 3, and rebounding. The Seahawks (which apparently is a thing) shot 54.5% from beyond the arc, and while freshman Nemanja Mikic had a Lasan Kromah-esque game, scoring 23 on 7-12 from three, GW couldn't keep up.

The Colonials had trouble all day scoring from inside, going 14/38 from 2 while 11/27 from three.I'd be interested in seeing a shooting chart, there'd be tons of X's around the basket and tons of O's around the arc. The Colonials missed lay-ups and short shots like crazy, and were slow on rotations, allowing the Seahawks to shoot the lights out, 12/22 from three.

If you look at the stats, the game actually looks pretty good for GW, 19 assists versus 12 turnovers, 17 offensive boards (mainly due to missed short shots), 22 points off turnovers. However, the team only shot a combined 38.5% from the floor, and 32.3% in the second half, allowing UNCW to walk away with it. 

The rebounding numbers don't look too bad (38 for the bad guys vs. 35 for the good guys) but a lot of those UNCW boards were uncontested, and GW seemed to miss ones they should have had.

Joseph Katuka had an ok game, though he missed some shots off nice post moves, while Aaron Ware seemed to be the only consistently energetic player, grabbing 7 boards. Dwayne Smith had 10 points and 9 boards, while the Taking of the David Pellom 1-2-3 had 9 points.

Tim Johnson played sparingly after getting pulled for turning it over two possessions in a row, and Tony Taylor fouled out, going 1/5 from the floor.

Blah. The recap is on and lots of stats are on Statsheet.

If you want to see more hand-wringing, check out  GW next faces George Mason at the Patriot Center on Wednesday.

On the bright side, Mikic played very well, reminiscent of Lasan Kromah's coming out game last year. Mikic was one three short of tying the school record (held by Greg Collucci and somebody else). Former players Mike Hall and Dior Toney were in the crowd as well.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that Mikic basically kept GW in the game.