GW announces recruits: Guest, Mikic, Fitzgerald

Mikic be dribblin'
Always nice to see when GW puts out some news! The athletic department announced they've signed the three recruits for next year, namely 6'8" forward Nemanja Mikic and Chris Fitzgerald, and guard Dan Guest.

They all sound pretty great in the release, and interestingly, the two forwards are both mentioned as being really good shooters before anything else. Maybe Hobbs got tired of being burned by the tall shooters from St. Joe's like that jerkstore Pat Calathes. And Donyell Marshall is also a tall shooter.

Guest is described as a leader on the floor, so he could be the point guard after the current guys move on, or just a supplement. Either way, looking forward to seeing these guys. This sort of stuff always increases my excitement for the coming season.