Pops off the Raptors, but sings "Oh Canada"

Too bad for Pops, who was waived by the Raptors. It's as we thought with Sporstnet.ca says "I'm told there are European clubs dangling contracts in front of him that may prove to be lucrative and there is a chance other NBA teams might have some interest." On GWHoops.com, poster buffandblue_2 said "talked to the big man today, said that Memphis and Atlanta are looking at him right now. Hopefully he latches on somewhere." -- so let's hope!

Before then, he had a good time during the singing of "O Canada."

We wish the best for Pops. With a personality, work ethic, and talent like his, he'll do alright.

As he tweeted, "It's a business." You can't say any more than that without wasting your breath.