What to do if the Secret Service join us for the Oregon game?

Post by Chris
To answer the previous post by Andrew I thought that I'd give it a shot. First of all if the President of the United States goes someplace (not that he's going to the Smitty or anything) there is significant activity before the event. That should mean that the doors will open early to get everyone in and through security. But they probably won't. That means long lines, and I mean long lines. Just hope that the students are all away for the Holiday.

I would guess that any entry to the Smitty will be manned with metal detectors, and nice guys just doing their job, dressed very nicely. They'll bring you through, and if you buzz, they'll run a wand over you to check you out. When you're cleared, you get to go to your seat. My guess is that there will be a lot of guys and girls around the Smith Center giving you the eye. Don't worry, they aren't looking at you THAT way. Sit down, and enjoy the game.

Now for a couple of do's and don'ts:

If you're one of those funny people who make funny jokes...don't. They don't have much of a sense of humor. You can be locked up for a "threat", and there's no where in the law that gives you a walk because of your sense of humor.

If you are impatient, don't be. You can't make it go any faster than it is. It's one of those situations that you just have to sit back and let it work it's way out.

If you generally carry lots of metal things, I suggest you don't. Leave it in the car, or at home. Don't bring little knifes either. Think of it like a plane trip. You might even want to leave your belt in the car!

If you have anything that is explosive, or had something explosive in your clothes, wear something else. They'll probably have dogs that sniff out gun powder and explosives. If you last wore your GW sweatshirt at the gun range, and forgot to wash it, you probably shouldn't wear it.

And last (though I'm sure that there's a lot more I could say...but if you're smart enough to be a Colonial fan, you're smart enough to figure it out!), remember if they ask you to jump on one leg and quack like a duck...do it. You can never win with them in any way, shape or form. They've got one of the toughest jobs in the country. They don't get the chance to have a bad day. If they do they've screwed up the country and the whole world. Just say, "Yes Sir" or "Yes Ma'am", and do it. And feel lucky enough that you get to see a game with the POTUS or the POTUS's wife.


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