Oregon State, Obama(?) to the Smith Center next year

Looks like Oregon State, where Michelle Obama's brother Craig Robinson is head coach, will be playing at the Smith Center next season. Good to see, as for one, this is a team from a big conference, and two, maybe that means the Obamas will show up. It was big news when Bill Clinton came to GW in 1993, and this would be big news also. Hooper at GWhoops.com says they will be in the house.

Of course, maybe not. Oregon State played at Howard this past season and the Obamas weren't in the house. Plus, Howard won and the Howard fans stormed the court, including a guy in a Howard cape. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Also in Oregon news, former GW recruit Jared Cunningham, who was from the state and didn't qualify, won't be playing -- Oregon State has a player with the same name, but it's a different person. Odd.

Picture of a t-shirt from UNDRCRWN


Ukraine Train Conductor said…
Man, the off-season is looking so great (we play Oregon State, Pops is back in DC and playing well in the NBA) that I almost don't want the season to start. It will just end up being a let down.
Andrew W said…
That's GW basketball for you. Who knows, these recruits look pretty good.
CSH said…
OSU played Howard in November, long before the Obamas moved in right down the street. They may still have been in DC at the time, but I think I remember them taking a vacation after the election. Not to say they'll definitely show up, but I think there's a good chance.
Anonymous said…
Clinton was at GW in 199% not 1993.