GW 61-Dayton 63

This is one of those games where I don't want to look at I had a lot of positive things to say about the team at first, then the debacle happened - up 61-60 and 21 seconds left, GW had 6 players on the court, which resulted in a technical foul. The Dayton player hit both foul shots, giving the Flyers the lead, and then they went 1/2 on another foul, putting them up 2. Tony Taylor missed a three and Rob Diggs missed a put back, and that was it.

It was infuriating because it looked like GW was going to win and break the losing streak, taking a 4-6 point lead into the 2 minute mark - the team played well most of the game, aside from missing a lot of threes and not guarding against perimeter threes - Dayton hit at least 5 wide open ones. The team played hard, hustled, got contributions from everyone, and could have won. It was a terrible way to lose a game, and without knowing specifics, it seems like that should be the coaches' job, to make sure everyone knows whether to be off or on court. I could even hear people in the student section yelling about 6 players on the court from my seats in the upper end zone.

There were some positives - Wynton Witherspoon had a great game, scoring 19 from everywhere and grabbing 7 boards. Travis King scored well when he went inside - I'd like to see more. Johnny Lee passed it well in limited time, and Aaron Ware looked solid on D, rebounding, and getting to the basket. There were some set plays, they got the ball down low, and there weren't too many crazy substitutions. It seems like the team might actually have set roles, for once.