2008-2009 Out of Conference Schedule to date

It's always fun at the end of summer. Not because school is starting again or that the summer heat begins to settle. Those are downers. It's because GW basketball doesn't release their out of conference schedule until the late fall and everyone must use their intarweb skillz to hunt down who GW plays when and where. Let the hunt begin (after the jump)!

Here's what we know so far:
@BU - Fri. Nov. 14
UMBC - Wed. Nov. 26
Harvard - ?
UMD - Sat. Dec. 6 (BB&T Classic)
AU - Wed. Dec. 17
@Hawaii - Dec. 27-30 (Rainbow Classic)
(Clemson has withdrawn from the tournament leaving Hawaii, Colorado, Colorado State, Coppin State, Buffalo [pending], Pepperdine, & Vermont)
@Longwood - Sat. Jan. 3

I'll leave you with a good fundraiser idea for GW athletics care of Bobo on gwhoops:

'I wonder if GW can sue UMBC and American for damages? Obviously, GW's schedule is a trade secret that the university does not want revealed. It is not helpful for these other schools to "spill the beans" and expose our inside information to the world.'

Sources: gwhoops, gw hatchet, opposing team schedules, http://starbulletin.com/2008/08/14/sports/story03.html


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