That's the last time I assume anything. GW 59 - Binghamton 71

Ok. I needed to calm myself before writing, but still, WHAT THE HELL?! GW lost to a 1-7 Binghamton Bearcats team from the America East Conference! And the Colonials never led the game. The GWhoops chat from the game is a descent into madness. It's like "Heart of Darkness."

Here are some stunning numbers - GW was 3/24 from three point range. Mo Rice had ZERO points. Zero! He was 0/3 from the floor. He only played 14 minutes, but Max told me Hobbs said he was sick. Let's hope so. GW also went 12/22 from the foul line, while Binghamton took 40 free throws, hitting 29.

Hermann Opoku started, but only played 8 minutes. Xavier Alexander also had zero points, and Cheyenne Moore was 1/9 from the floor. Rob Diggs and Wynton Witherspoon had good games, but at this point who cares?

Going over past games, there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason, other than GW lives and mostly dies by the three. But the Auburn game, for example, GW was 11/24 from three, AND outrebounded the Tigers, so that's not the entire picture. I can't put my finger on it - is the team just not used to playing together? Is it motivation, desire, confusion? I dunno.

Articles below.

-GW game article
-BU game article
-Box score


Anonymous said…
Wow...just wow.

I think back to the school's ticket fiasco this summer, and I'm sorry to say at this point I'm really glad I didn't plunk down the extra cash for the nicer tickets.

As it stands, it feels like $60 was too much. Hard to believe that two years ago we only lost 1 game in the regular season.
Anonymous said…
I was at this game. GW lost because they got out hustled. Binghamton came out slugging with something to prove and didn't let up from tip off till champaign celebration. GW on the other hand acted like a bunch of IV league chumps sipping on martini's while discussing the NASDAQ. It wasn't until late second half that they actually woke up from the hang over to put their uniforms on. But by then there no stopping the green freight train. Lights out GW, come back anytime.